Saturday, August 7, 2010


Okay, I've been a good girl and done my work for the day (gas in the RAV, Sams, grocery store, picked up the chicken salad from Chelseas, sort of assisted Julie in finding her glasses in the RAV, fed Crystal a kiwi and Melissa a bowl of cereal when they stopped by on their way to the beach, thought about what pictures of Helen's I'd like for the family room, cleaned the downstairs including both bathrooms, etc. etc.) now it is time for fun. I will need to go cook dinner in an hour, but then I'll be back.

So this morning, I worked a speck on John Sanders and his children. In 1910 (Census) four of his five children (Lodewick, Mary, Ebenezar, and Margaret) are all living in Ulysses, (then Seneca County, now Tompkins County) New York. Mark Putman tells me a more accurate description of the pace in Applegate Corners, which I found on my street map of the finger lakes region.

I suspect that John has died, but that his widow, Mary, is living with the oldest son, Lodewick, as there is a female over 45 years in his household. I am wondering if they were able to obtain this land as a result of a revolutionary war pension to his widow.

I am going to look again to see if I can find a pension file for John Sanders. If not, I will probably order the land record film and see if I can find them on that.

I suspect that John may have died in New Jersey before the family moved. I have already spent some time today trying again to understand how the wills/probate records for this time period are organized and who the repository is. I have more work to do here.

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  1. So...
    I looked on Heritage Quest and found NJ pension files for:
    Peter Putman b. 1760 (20 pages or so)
    John Sanders (1 pg)
    Wm Dunn (1 Pg)

    What if this is John Sanders (father of Ruth)
    What if Wm Dunn is William Dunn (father of William)

    Check out this website:

    Only problem is that although we know decsendants of these soldiers are living in Ulysses in 1810, I do not see them on the name list for Tompkins county.