Monday, August 16, 2010

The Big Eight

Today, I am back to researching the Big Eight. These are the eight men and their families who Simeon Adams Dunn did temple work for in 1877, and who were founding fathers in Groveland, Livingston, New York. They are: 1) Simeon Dunn, 2) Levi Dunn , 3)William Dunn, 4) Alber Acker, 5) John Harrison, 6) Isaac Kiser,7) Pat Nixon, and 8)Benjamin Parker.

Simeon b. 1774, Levi b. 1773, and William b. 1776 Dunn are all siblings, presumed children of Simeon Dunn b. 1751 and Ann Gustin. Levi's residency in Groveland is well documented (County Histories, Multiple Family Histories, Census Records, Cemetery Records, Land Records, Probate Records, Tax Records, and Military Records.) The only evidence of William living in Groveland are Tax Records for years 1813 and 1816, and probable War of 1812 Service Record. And of course, as you have heard, there have been no documents located to provide evidence of Simeon living in Groveland....our continual hunt.

Albert Acker is the husband of Sarah Hart, a half-sibling to the brothers above, as we believe her parents to be Ann Gustin and a Mr. Hart. (contact me if you need an explanation of sources to this assumption.). Albert Acker's residency in Groveland is also well doumented (Family Histories, Census Records, Cemetery Records, Land Records, Probate Records, and Military Records). Supposedly Albert and his son, Silas, also served in the War of 1812. At the moment, I am trying to figure out if they served in the same regiment as the Dunn brothers above, and why or why not was Simeon also there.

John Harrison owned the property next to Levi Dunn. The current town historian, Larry Turner, is related to this family I believe. Lots of documentation (Histories, Census, Church, Land, Probate, Court, etc.). Here is where I will start to loose you in understanding the connections. John's son, Reffard Harrison, marries Ann Kiser, the daughter of Isaac Kiser and Elizabeth Adams. Elizabeth Adms is another half sister to the Dunn brothers above, her parents being James Adams and Ann Gustin.

Isaac Kiser arrives on the Groveland scene a bit later than the rest. While the others are in Groveland by 1800, Isaac and Elizabeth Kiser seem to have had a few of their children in Sussex, New Jersey then moved to Seneca, Ontario, New York before arriving in Groveland by 1830. They did not stay long, and had moved on to Ohio by 1840 where they spent the rest of their lives. Remember one of their daughters, Ann, marries Reffard Harrison. Two of their other daughters, Sarah and Catharine, marry two of Albert Ackers' sons, Nathan and Samuel. All of these folks were neighbors, and marrying people who you lived near was the norm in these days.

Benjamin Parker was another neighbor. He was the step son of John Smith one of the original surveyors in Groveland who decided to stay and live there. Simeon Adams Dunn did his temple work in 1877, but to date I don't see a way that the families tie together. Again this family's residency in Groveland is well documented (Histories, Census, Land, Court, and Probate records.)

And last, Pat Nixon, who we know very little about. Probably a neighbor. Lived in Groveland according to the census from 1800-1830 near Levi Dunn. He appears to have moved there from Sussex, New Jersey like many of the other people the Dunns knew and associated with. Simeon did the temple work for Pat and his wife in 1877, but little else is known.

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