Monday, August 9, 2010

Second thoughts

so as usual, I am rethinking the Dunn line. Yesterday, I decided to go back and look at the "James Dunn" book from the church archives (MS1701 1). This is by James Dunn b. 28 Jun 1793, the son of Samuel Dunn b. 1753. The brother of William b. 1745 and Simeon b. 1751.

The point being that from James perspective: Samuel is his father. And his Dunn uncles (father's brothers) would be: William, Thomas, Simeon, Samuel, Levi, Joseph, (and perhaps James). His Dunn aunts (father's sisters) would be: Esther, Hannah, Molle, Sarah, (and perhaps) Anna.

In the book, he mentions the following aunts and uncles:
Thomas & Suzy Dunn
Joseph & Rachel Dunn
James & Sarah Adams
Why or how he knew or mentioned these ones and not the others, I have no idea.

Just to make it more complicated, he describes his Uncle Simeon and Aunt Ann as:
Gfather Simeon Dunn
Gmother Ann Dunn
In reality, his grandparents are William & Esther Dunn. They are the documented parents of his father's siblings.

I'm not sure we will ever sort it out. But that fact that he mentions Simeon and Ann makes me think I had better put them back in the equation.

Last note: James adds in his book "The above I have been baptized for." (This includes Simeon, Ann, Thomas and Suzy, and others. Where is this work in the IGI?"

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