Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blogs go the wrong direction

So I am having a struggle with the direction of blogs. I often keep a journal on my computer as a word document. When I want to add a new entry, I scroll down to the bottom on the file and add a new entry. So the journal reads chronilogically from top to bottom.

But blogs don't work that way, they go bottom to top. I am struggling to accept it. I can't see how it will make sense if you haven't read what it under the latest blog. Nevertheless, I am plowing forward, and will try to discipline myself to just add another entry at the top.

End of day. A few finds. I found the wife for Ebenezer Sanders and have added her to my file. I think this is still a good bit unsaid or undocumented here, but it is a start. Still no sign of Lodewick's wife.

This is my sense of the Dunn/Sanders family today. At the moment, I think John Sanders died in New Jersey. So I think all the Sanders kids headed north into New York. They may have somehow had bounty land (although it doesn't appear so) or purchased someone else's claim in Ulysses (Lodewick, Mary, Margarget, Ebenezer and spouses). Ruth and William may have been around for awhile, but I think by 1810 they were in Groveland, New York. The 1810 Census entries for Dunns in Groveland are pretty wild. There is a Levi Dun and a Levi Done. I think some combination of their household might account for William Dunn and Levi Dunn. As they stand, neither really account for the correct children. But it is certain that Levi is there. William is listed right next to Levi in the 1813 tax list and paid taxes on real estate.

At the moment, I still think William and Ruth Dunn could have been Simeon's parents.

Tired, I am going to have a bowl of cocoa pebbles and go to bed. Well...I might read a twinge more about NJ probate first.

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