Sunday, September 12, 2010

5:30 PM. Groveland Pioneer Cemetery

After changing our clothes, we headed out to visit the cemeteries in Groveland. I am more convinced than every, that if Simeon Dunn b. 1774 and Sally Bath are buried anywhere, it is likely in this cemetery. This is the cemetery where Levi Dunn b. 1773 is buried. His head stone continues to deteriorate.

Unfortunately, of all the cemeteries in the area, this one is in the most deteriorated condition. Probably because it is the one of the earlies. This type of headstone just had not held up over 200 years.

The cemetery is right beside the road (Route 63, I think). There is a little place to pull off. It is on a hill. An outside rim of the hill rises to one level where there are 2 headstones and about 5 footstones. [one here looked like a daughter of Liberty and Susan Udall died 1835] Then the hill rises to a main brow of the hill where most of the left headstones are located. Carl estimates that this area is about 25 feet wide and 40 feet deep. It contained about 6 or 7 rows of headstones with space for maybe a dozen or so on each row. Levi Dunn's headstone is about the second row from the back on the right side if you are facing the headstones. The headstone labeled "Mary" which is beleived to be his wife is there, but completely unreadable. Most of the readable headstones are the Harrison family (Elias, Hannah, Charlotte, William, etc.). Almost all the headstones seem to date from people who died from about 1800-1830.

The weather has been beautiful (no humidity...yea), but while at this cemetery the misquitoes found us and swarmed. We may try to go back with bug spray in hand.

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  1. I know it is sad that the cemetery is deteriorating but I thought the look of the falling headstones was cool. I know that's bad. At least here is a great image of that headstone that is falling apart. Find that mosquito fan clip on personal protection thing!