Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday...7:30 AM Williamsburg area and Cemetery

So, while Dad finished showering and getting ready this morning, I ducked out and visited the
Williamsburg Cemetery. Williamsburg was the first name of the first white settlement in what is now Groveland. The land was purchased by some wealthy Eurpeans. They had Charles Williamson act as their US liason because he could legally buy and sell land in the US. He imported a group of Germans to build a road from Pennslyvania to the area. (that is a story in itself). And established this little village after himself...thus "Williamsburg."

It kind of has the same story as Fillmore, Utah. At one point it was thought it would be the hub of Utah and they planned to put the state captial. But people and history had other ideas. And Salt Lake City ended up being the state capital. Charles Williams thought "Williamsburg" would be the center of activity, but as fate had it the village a bit further north "Geneseo" became the bright spot and the county headquarters, etc. Plus, once the Erie Canal came, that became the center of attention.

So, the short of this long story, is that Williamsburg disappeared rather quickly. Charles Williamson cam in 1790. Levi Dunn came in 1795. He is reported as living at "The Hermitage" which was Charles Williamson's personal farm. But by 1825, Williamsburg was a ghost town. The town of Groveland grew up just south of it, and the town of Mount Morris to the west.

The cemetery was very cool though. I don't think any Dunns are buried there. Most of the burials are Fitzughs and Carrolls who must have bought this land later.

Some great pictures, however.

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