Thursday, September 30, 2010

Probate Inventory for Levi Dunn

When you visit the Surrogate Court in Livingston County, you can ask to see the probate packets. These have been digitized. So you look up the file or packet # in a book book, find the # on the CD's provided, and send them to the printer. The pictures above are from that printout. They are of the inventory for the estate of Levi Dunn b. 1773, died Groveland.
Several of the "Big 8" show up in this document. Benjamin Parker is one of the executors. Daniel Kelly is another executor, if I had made it the Big 9, he is the one I would have included. Isaac Keyser is shown as owing the estate $3.75. And the estate owes Patrick Nixon $1. This is another instance of how the lives of these men were intertwined.
I am a bit surprised by one thing. I took the list of names who either owed the estate money or who the estate owed money, and tried to compare it to the list of heads of families shown in the 1830 Groveland census. Many are definitely there, but I was surprised by how many were not. Sometimes there is a family with the same surname, but not the same given name. I suppose this may be one more evidence that there were many more adult males incorporated into other households which may not show up on any of the early census records. I suppose this could give us hope that Simeon Dunn b. 1774 did really exist.
The handwriting and quality of copy is not easy to read. Many of the items listed in the inventory I believe are farming implements that I do not recognize. Nevertheless, here are a few of the interesting items on the inventory:
white faced heiffer
brindle bull
red and white faced calf
bull calf
small calves
yearling colt
grind stone
barrells of cider
hives of bees
cribs of corn
bunches of shingles
bushels of potatoes
spinning wheel
bushels of buckwheat
clock and case
looking glass
yards of fabric
hay in stacks
hay in barn
grain on the ground
and other items I can't read

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