Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SW corner of Lot 43....yahoo...Levi Dunn

So by comparing 4 different maps (present day, 1852, county clerk, and Larry's) I feel very confident on the piece of land once occupied by Levi Dunn. It is on the corder of Adamson and Logan streets.

Anyway I have attempted a video. It will probably have to be viewed on youtube. Okay, so you may not want to listen to the sound on this because I had the camera out the window, so all you hear is the wind.

or Google youtube Groveland, New York or see my facebook
So here is the narration. We start with a field of corn, then you will see a stand of trees. The trees grow in the little gullies that permeate the areas. The plant crops on the flatter areas and leave the groves of trees that grow in the gullies (Groveland). After the trees you will see a white farm house. Certainly after the trees (and perhaps before) is where Levi's farm was. The car is coming down Adamson street headed West. At the corner we head north up Logan street.
The farms of Levi Oman and John Oman are just north in Lot 43 of Levi. And just before Levi on Adamson street is the property of John and Refford Harrison.

I have LOTS of still pictures to share with you...hundreds.
I've become a Groveland fan.

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