Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More digging....maps, letters, ....

Today I am working my way down the stack of papers. I have read many letters by Helen Roop Gehres who was researching the Dunns and Ackers in the 1980's in hopes of producing a book. I hope she did and that someday I run across it. I think some of her ideas were correct and some not....like most of us.
I am also looking at a landowners map that Larry Turner, Groveland Town Historian, had. Take a look yourself. Is anyone better at reading it than I am. Here is what I get out of it:
Lot #43
John Oman deed, 40 acres
Levi Oman, 64 1/10 acre deed
deed to Sarah Dunn
Levi Dunn 65.2 in tr???
L. Dunn 24 acres .8
J. Harrison
21 acres ??

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