Thursday, September 30, 2010

Albert Acker...probate inventory

Above is the probate inventory for Albert Acker. It is simplier than the one for Levi Dunn, and fun to read. It includes: two horses and harnesses, steers & yoke, plough & harrow, wheat and rye on the ground, eleven sheep and four lambs, one old wagon, one light wagon, one cow, fanning and mill, bed and bedding, old wooden clock, one cupbard, table, furniture, a lot of hollow ware [was this the precurser to Tupperware?], copper kettle, brass kettle, tin oven, lots of tin ware, washtub, cedar barrells, loom & tackling, two little wheels and one big wheel, buffalo robe, kitchen table and stand, and one crane.

It makes you wonder (and a little nervous) what they would say about your own house if it were inventoried at that level... one old swingset, one old carpet, one (no several) old beds, lots of genealogy papers, one old computer, lots of old tools, two little saws, one big saw, etc.

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