Sunday, September 5, 2010


So, thanks to Paula's help, we have been able to make some headway on understanding where our Dunn line is in regard to DNA testing. The image above is the data we were looking at. It takes a while to figure out what it is all about and what it tells us, but we are learning.

Basically, the current (medium price range) genealogy DNA test evaluates 37 "DNA markers." The names of the markers are the numbers along the top of the table (for example: 393). Males who descend from a common ancestor are going to have the same or very close number or value for each marker. So if you have identified the string of 37 numbers for your ealiest ancestor. In theory his male descendants (same surname) are all going to have the same identical (or very close) string of 37 numbers.
Okay. So, all you DUNN male surname people out there who descend from William Dunn (of Connecticut)' or his son, Samuel b. 1753, or Samuel's son James b. 1793/ or his great grandson, Simeon Adams Dunn b. 1803/ etc. etc. It appears that your DNA marker is:
We are looking for a male Dunn descendant of Joseph Moroni Dunn who would like to be tested. Any volunteers? Must have DUNN surname and direct descent from Joseph Moroni Dunn.
If you would like more information on the websites to look at etc. Contact me.

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