Thursday, September 30, 2010

Refford Harrison...probate packet

Refford Harrison holds an interesting place in the intertwined lives of the "Big 8" and our Dunn ancestors. He is the son of John Harrison of the "Big 8 early Groveland settlers." His wife is Ann Keyser. Ann is the daughter of Isaac Keyser of the "Big 8" and Elizabeth Adams. Elizabeth Adams is the daughter of James Adams from Sussex, New Jersey. Two of Ann Keyser's sisters (Sarah and Catharine) marry two sons of Albert Acker of the "Big 8" (Nathan and Samuel). These sisters and families move to Ohio. But Refford and Ann stay in Groveland. Ann dies in 1855. Refford dies in 1865. At the time of his death, he has three living children. His son, William, has moved to Michigan. His daughter, Adaline, who appears to have never married, is living at Groveland at the time of his death but later moves to Michigan as well. His other daughter, Frances, is living in Livonia. However, in the 1860 census, Frances is still single and living with her father. There are two other people living in the household, an Elizabeth Holbrook, same age as Frances (26) and a ten-year old boy, Frank Prior. Who are these people?

Elizabeth Holbrook's name comes up in the probate papers (see above). So, who is she?

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