Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday 2:30 PM....Livingston County Historical Society Museum

After Church and lunch, we visited the Livingston County Historical Society Museum located in Geneseo. It was really nice in that the show you briefly how to find yourself around the old rock schoolhouse it is located in. Then they just let you wander at your own pleasure.

Most of the items are just kind of stacked in the rooms so you are really up close and personal. They had one small display case of items that were found using a metal detector in 1997 at the Williamsburg village site.

Another interesting item was the full size stagecoach in the garage. We got to talking to Sally, one of the docents, after we had wandered. Turns out she is a "Wadsworth" by birth. Wadsworths were a financial powerhouse in the area. They basically bought out much of Charles Williamson's land...lots and lots. They were a wealthy family from back East. The sold some and held on to a bunch. Two of the sons settled in the area. The coach had been in her father's barn when she was growing up and she had played "pretend" on it as a child. Her father donated it to the museum. About 2 years later in the 1960's the barn burned. Unfortunately, this was the barn that also contained all the early Wadsworth family records (from the time period we are interested in) and they were lost in the fire.

I am still going to go to SUNY to look at some Wadsworth family papers, but they all seem to late for our Dunns.

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