Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feeling patriotic...

I just finished transcribing the Brigade Order and Regiment Order given Jan 8th & 9th 1814. Both mention Captain Levi Dunn. I need to figure out what is happening in the War about this time. The orders sound like the are reorganzing the regiments and making some new assignments. Most of the regiments are ordered to give up a certain number of men of different ranks to form these new groups. Levi Dunn is suppose to be in charge of one of the new groups. They are suppose to March to Batavia by January 17th and rendezvous at Hosmer Hotel. Reading the letters always spark all kinds of other questions. Was Artemus Hosmer somehow related to whoever was running the Hosmer Hotel? Was the Captain Skinner somehow related to the Skinners in Canada?

Unfortunately, I can't cut and paste the transcript into the blog and I don't really want to type it all again. But I will attach the images and if you want the transcript email me. These were some of the original letters I was able to handle and read. They are part of the Wadsworth Family Papers Collection at SUNY, Milne Library.

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