Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010...Canandaigua

This morning we said our goodbyes to Groveland and headed over to Canandaigua. We spent the morning at RAIMS (Ontario County Record Archives). And yes, there two cats roam all over the office while you are there working. Carl used the computer and caught up on email and journaling.

I spent the morning going over the early tax assessment records for Groveland again. I had had them sent to me earlier. But I wanted to go through them myself and see all the people living there at the time. The records start in 1813 and go to about 1818. I'm just talking without really having my notes in front of me so don't quote me on this, wait for the details once I get everything typed up. Anyway, Levi Dunn, is always there. And William Dunn is consistently there until 1816 (I think it is....) when he just is gone. I assume he either died or moved. I still think there is a possibility that William is Simeon's father and that he died at this time. But I haven't totally given up on the Simeon and Sally Bath theory either.

I looked over their deed and surrogate indexes, but that are what we have from the FHL in SLC, so nothing new there. I am going back in the morning to finish looking at some miscellaneous records that they have.

After lunch, we went to the Ontario County Historical Society Office and Museum. The museum was minimal, but the staff in the research center was very helpful and attentive. Their mega-search intra-office computer system was done (has been for two weeks) but I still think we looked through what we needed to. They pulled all the family folders I was interested in and I looked through them. This included (Dunn, [no Bath], Nelson, Acker, Adams, Nixon, [no Sanders, Parker, Harrison, or Keyser]. We looked through their 3 versions of county histories. Some War of 1812 books, and other books. We photocopied about $10 worth of things to review, but nothing startling.

In the evening we were able to attend the Palmyra temple.

And we even made it back to the motel in time for the first episode of Survivor!!

To those family members who went on the church history trip with us last time, we are staying in the Red Carpet Motel. It is right next to the "orange motel" we stayed in that trip. Remember we left Dad in the motel to rest, and we all went down to the lake for a swim.

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