Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mount Morris...Alliegience Bed and Breakfast

We are here in Western New York! Carl's taking a quick nap, but I can hardly wait to go-go-go. Okay, I'm a little tired too, but we got here with no problems. Arrived in Buffalo about 4 PM, got our rental car and started driving towards Mount Morris where we are staying at a Bed and Breakfast. Apparently the man who wrote the pledge of Alligience (Brian, where are you to spell for me) was born in this town. He left when age 6, but they can still claim him.

The drive from Buffalo to Mount Morris is very beautiful. Rolling hills just like Texas hill country, but with deciduous forests. There would be a small house with a field of corn of each side. The roadsides are bordered by rows and clusters of yellow ragweed out if full bloom. It really looks lovely, although may not do wonders for Carl's hayfever. Behind the house is often a two story red barn with a four-sided roof. Some are in better condition than others.

From Buffalo, we turned off Highway 90 at Batavia. Batavia is of interest to me because there is a record of a marriage of a Simeon Dunn and Polly Hansen (I think it is) is 1807. But we can't figure out who this Simeon Dunn is and if he is one of ours. We actually had dinner in Batavia at the Peking Buffet (all you can eat Chinese). Eric would have loved it, they had clams in the shells, mussels, sushi, and all kinds of things. We found plenty to eat that we liked and were filled up. We stopped at Target and got some treats. Oh oh, I got another jar of Nutella (sometime ask about the fun RS activity we had last Thursday).

From Batavia we drove past all the rolling hills and farms I have described. I wish we had had time to stop and take pictures. We got to our bed and breakfast here in Mount Morris about 6:30. Then we took a walk up the street to see the little shops even though they were all closed by now. As you can see by the pictures, it was already getting dark.

Apparantly Mount Morris is also famous for their State Park... it is known as the Grand Canyon of the East. Not sure how it is going to hold up compared to "the Grand Canyon" for someone who has grown up in the West. But hopefully we will find time to go see it as well as do family history.

The mansion we are staying in dates back to about 1838. It was owned by a promient lawyer named Luish (or something like that). We'll try to take more picture of the inisde. It's like being in a museum.

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  1. cool take pictures of the countryside and cool barns and things for me and maybe ill paint something